The quality of the homes we produce is vitally important and is a core value of Braun Construction. However, the quality of the process involved in getting to that final product is important as well. It provides our clients with a sense of confidence in the quality of the home we are building for them.

Knowing what we expect of ourselves not only enables our clients to adopt consistent expectations of their own, it also replaces unnecessary anxiety with information and reduces the level of uncertainty common to anyone making the decision to build a new home.

We have a great rapport with all the local building departments, HOAs and their ACC committees, as well as the local division of wildlife. Knowing all of the regulations and guidelines they require for approval for new construction not only helps us design your home within those guidelines but it helps the process go faster, smoother, and less stressful for the homeowner.

We work closely with all the local Geo-Technical Engineers and during the bidding process can factor in the cost and processes involved in the event your soil needs to be prepared to meet what the local inspector is going to require. Covering the bases at this stage, relying on hard data rather than educated guesses, will help avoid unnecessary costs and needless delays further down the line.

We refuse to pour concrete in unfavorable weather conditions. We also will not pour any flatwork without a steel grid. We order all of our concrete bag mix at the strongest available. We pipe conduits under any areas that may trap your access for downspout piping, landscape irrigation, electrical etc. We recommend sealing all exterior flatwork for added protection and can provide that service on request.

Every home built by Braun Construction features exterior walls constructed using 2 x 6 studs. All framing is plumb, square, straight and solid. We provide curtain, doorknob, towel bar, towel ring, toilet paper fixtures and, in some cases, backing for owners personal belongings to be hung on the wall. We take the time right before drywall installation to check all the studs in the home for warping. Any warped studs are corrected to ensure the end product is as straight as possible. We recommend and encourage ideas that will add elements of visual interest such as coffered or tray ceilings or niches, adding elegance and sophistication to an otherwise run-of-the-mill space. In most cases, these added features will result in little, if any, additional cost.

All pipes are routed away from freeze-prone areas in order to mitigate the possibility of future damaged resulting from frozen pipes. We provide a water softener loop standard and can add the water softener unit upon request. Exterior hose bibs are installed at locations specified by the homeowner.  Gas supply pipes installed to the dryer location, stove and oven and an exterior BBQ location are standard.

While a furnace with a 92% efficiency rating may be considered an upgrade by others, it is the minimum standard in Braun homes. To further maximize comfort throughout every space in the home, we carefully choose the location of all the service air, return air and thermostats. The result is a system optimized for efficienct, effective operation providing even temperature maintenance at the lowest possible operating cost. 

Electrical work is performed to the highest standard, always meeting and often exceeding building code requirements.

Interior outlets are installed in sensible locations to allow flexibility in placement of room furnishings and light switches are placed to follow the natural room-to-room traffic flow.  Outlets for 220v supply are provided at both the dryer and the range locations. While they are not a standard feature, the addition of specialty outlets such as USB ports for mobile device charging is available upon request.

Exterior outlets are provided at not only the standard wall locations, but also in the eves to provide power to ice control systems and holiday lighting.

Wire runs are installed to all common spaces and bedrooms to provide television, phone and/or data and are home run to a central network box.  An empty conduit provides access from the network box to the attic.  Coax cables are also installed to accomodate cable and dish installations.

Our standard for insulation requires a value of R-23 insulating material in walls and R-50 in ceilings.  The garage is fully insulated, including the overhead door.  In addition to the exterior walls, we also insulate walls separating the master bedroom from other living spaces as well as those in each of the bathrooms.  Baffles are installed at the ceiling/wall transition to ensure proper attic ventilation.

Standard drywall is installed throughout the interior with the exception of wet areas, where Denshield is substituted.  Several wall texture options are available to choose from.

Top-quality paint is used on all painted surfaces to assure long wear life.  Quality prep work, caulking and sanding is done care to ensure a quality paint job.  All doors are painted or stained following manufaturer specifications and warranty requirements.

Braun homes stand out due to the fine work of our finish carpenters who are masters of their trade!

Whether in main areas of the home, or rarely seen closets and storage spaces, all trimwork is performed to perfection.  The standards for casings and base are 3.5" and 4.5" respectively.

The most important aspects of most homes are also the least visible.  This is definitely true of storage and utility spaces.  Closets, pantries, laundry rooms and mud rooms are a few examples of these.  While closets and laundry rooms are a given in any home, their size and usability and the availability of sufficient storage space is considered vital to a home's level of comfort and function.  To many, a pantry is just as important, as they consider a kitchen incomplete without one.

In every Braun home, our recognition of this is evident.  However, just because they are not readily visible doesn't mean we simply treat them as merely, using the words of comedian George Carlin, "a place for your stuff."  In many of our homes the pantry is more than just a room with shelves lining the walls.  They are spaces with utility, function and, yes, style.

While there is a limit to the amount of style you can introduce into a standard closet, the sky's the limit where functionality is concerned, if a homeowner chooses to customize a home to that degree.  However, for these spaces, we choose to take 'basic' and step it up a couple of notches, providing a high and low shelf and rod as well as shoe shelves in all bedroom closets, except the master closet.  There, we do something a little different.

The Master closet is always a custom-designed space where the homeowner is actively involved in its design allowing it to be tailored to their personal needs and preferences.

Special attention is also given to spaces such as the laundry room with options such as pass-thru style layouts, surfaces for folding, sorting and ironing, and shelves and cabinets for storage.  Some of our custom work has even included basins for bathing pets and spaces to accommodate multiple washers and dryers.

In a Braun home, these spaces may be out of sight, but they are definitely not out of mind!

Ultimately, the selection of flooring materials is determined by the needs, preferences, and make-up of the family who will be living in the home.  The selections for a home whose owner has an active family with children may, for example, be entirely different than those of one building a home to spend their retirement and enjoy the occasional visits from their children and grandchildren.

The base price of all our projects includes flooring using a mid- to high-grade product.  However, as another custom component in our builds, flooring offers many options from which to choose.

All of our projects come with custom cabinets designed specifically for your home! A complete kitchen design will be provided for your review to ensure it meets your needs and expectations while keeping within your budget!

Taller base and upper cabinets are standard, as is crown molding.  Staggered upper cabinets is also an option.

As a local builder, we are all too familiar with the conditions your roof will be subjected to which enables us to construct your roof in such a way, using the best materials for the conditions, to make sure your roof stands the tests of both time and of Mother Nature!

Every Braun home features a roof constructed with Landmark Series asphalt shingles rated to withstand winds of up to 130 mph. Shingles are installed over one layer of synthetic roof underlayment and the entire roof is finished off with hip 7 ridge trim, perimeter drip edge, roof to wall flashing and turtle vents.  Full gutters are standard and can be piped away from the home.

Tile roofing is also available.

All windows are double-pane Low-E and meet or exceed the high-efficiency standard.  We are very particular in how we seal the windows both from the outside and the inside.  The outside is not only flashed properly, but the inside is also sealed around the edges with expanding foam.

Our standard exterior doors are high-efficiency insulated fiberglass models.  They are installed and sealed to prevent intrusion by moisture and insects as well as to ensure optimal energy efficiency.

Another critical function of exterior doors is security.  We install dead bolts at all entry doors using 3-inch screws to ensure maximum strength.

Stucco is applied on exterior walls consisting of one layer of tongue and groove and one-inch foam with taped joints covered with 20-gauge wire mesh.  Next, a half-inch application of fiber-concrete base is applied, cured for one week, followed then by a final synthetic finish coat completing the exterior surface of the home.

Even "high-end" masonry products will fail if improperly installed.  The masonry installed on a Braun home is installed to the highest quality standard, ensuring that driving rain and condensation can drain properly at the bottom.

We take great pride in our reputation as a quality homebuilder and it is imperative that our clients have full confidence that the home we build for them will stand the test of both time and that of Mother Nature.

While attention to detail is built in to our process and we make every effort to ensure quality of workmanship and material, we provide an added layer of protection in the unlikely event than an issue that arises.  The manufacturer's warranties that accompany many components such as, for example, windows and doors, and our 18-month workmanship warranty is augmented by a 10-year structural warranty through StrucSure.  This warranty coverage is included in the contracted cost of your home and gives you the added peace-of-mind about the investment you have made. You can learn more about this coverage here.

Your satisfaction with and enjoyment of your new Built by Braun home is as important to us in the years to come as it is the day you move in!

Braun Construction, Inc. is a licensed General Contractor in the State of Utah.  We are fully insured including General Liability coverage, Worker's Compensation, and Builder's Risk coverage.  Our contractor licensing information can be found in the footer of each page of this site.

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