Braun Construction has developed four new selections for 2019. We are proud to introduce the Shire, Caspian, Estonian, and Falabella models.

These are unique additions to our collection as they were designed initially as our offerings in the Old Sorrel Ranch development project. As such, they are offered as ‘HOA-ready’ spec homes with specific variant options for exterior materials, roof pitch, interior finishes and fixtures. These homes are available to any of our clients regardless of where they choose to build.

Used consistent with their original intent, these new designs deliver comfort and flexibility without sacrificing functionality. The specific selection sets available provide several avenues through which homeowners can still achieve a custom home “look and feel” and enjoy the built-in advantages of selecting a built-to-spec home. (See our FAQ for more information.)

That being said, these designs, like every other in the Braun portfolio, can very easily be used as a basis for what will ultimately become a custom home design tailored precisely to fit the homeowner’s vision.

For detailed information, including floor plans and features, visit our Old Sorrel Ranch page. We are always happy to provide information and answer any question. Please feel free to contact us!