The Old Sorrel Ranch Community

Located in beautiful Cedar City, Utah, Old Sorrel Ranch provides a peaceful, scenic view of the incredible Southern Utah landscape and is only minutes away from downtown and less than an hour’s drive from activities that range from skiing to hiking in some of the country’s most incredible national parks and everything in between!

Each of the homes in our Old Sorrel Series was designed specifically with this community in mind.  On the outside, they compliment the beauty and tranquility of their surroundings.  On the inside, their functionality, style and warmth provide a comfortable place to call home, no matter their stage in life.  Whether you are looking for a home to raise a family, one to enjoy now that your family is raised, or want a comfortable, practical place to enjoy retirement, any one of these homes may be just right for you, offering many years of comfort in a beautiful quality-built home.

Each Braun home in Old Sorrel Ranch is priced to include the home and the lot as well as front yard landscaping and block wall, ensuring full compliance with the community HOA standards, worry free!

You can learn more about our four Old Sorrel Series homes, The Falabella, The Estonian, The Caspian, and The Shire right here.

The Neighborhoods of Old Sorrel Ranch

Old Sorrel Ranch is composed of four distinct neighborhoods, each surrounded by nature trails, community parks and landscaped common areas beautifully enmeshed within the natural environment, preserving the native state of large areas within the development, enhancing the serene, welcoming atmosphere that makes Old Sorrel Ranch the perfect place to call ‘Home’.

Here is a brief overview of each of the neighborhoods in Old Sorrel Ranch.  More information can be obtained through Coldwell-Banker Advantage Real Estate of Cedar City.


  • Low Density Residential – 80’ min. lot widths; 100’ width enclaves

  • Beautiful panoramic views

  • Two entrances along Westview Drive

  • North-South Parkway Connection

  • One Neighborhood Park along with multiple access points to Open SpaceTrail System


  • Estate Residential – 120’ Minimum lot widths

  • Walkout Lots

  • 360 Panoramic views, including Steeple Lots

  • Reduced ROW mountain road connection

  • Multiple access points to Open SpaceTrail System


  • Low Density Residential – 80’ min. lot widths; 100’ width enclaves

  • Meadow feel, views through ridges to east and west

  • Main Entrance north of Basin Park

  • Secondary entrance off of Proposed Cross Hollow Parkway

  • Wash trail corridor along North-South Parkway

  • Two Neighborhood Parks with multiple access points to Open SpaceTrail System


  • Commercial, Mixed-Use, or Medium to High Density Residential

  • Prime opportunity for Commercial Center at Cross Hollow Drive and Cross Hollow Parkway

  • Plan for StockTrail integration​

  • Office Use Opportunity west of existing Livestock Center

  • Regional Basin Park to south along with access points to Open SpaceTrail System off of parkways

The Opportunities in Old Sorrel Ranch

Life in mind

The vision of Old Sorrel Ranch is to be so much more than just a place to build a house. It is a place to live.  In addition to being a place people call home, providing opportunities for recreation, work and business are also vital, intentional elements of Old Sorrel Ranch.

Already located within convenient proximity to downtown shopping and businesses, Old Sorrel Ranch provides opportunities for shops and businesses to locate themselves near and provide goods and services ever closer to not only Old Sorrel Ranch residents, but also the thousands living in nearby neighborhoods and communities.

Being a literal “doors-down” neighbor to the Cedar City Regional Airport, Old Sorrel Ranch provides it’s businesses and residents very short transit times to and from airport facilities and services.  It’s proximity to major area venues, such as the Cross Hollow Events Center (right next door), Southern Utah University and Three Peaks Recreational Area, to name a just a few, make it a breeze to travel to virtually any of the area’s multitude of events and activities.

Whether your mode is rest, work, recreation, business, relaxation or a mixture of them all, you’re covered!  Old Sorrel Ranch was designed for you with life in mind.  

Old Sorrel Ranch Locale and Land-Use Map
Old Sorrel Ranch Development map