Our Privacy Policy

We take very seriously the security and proper use of any data collected through the different functions provided by our site. Braun Construction regards its reputation as one of its most valued assets. The handling of the information provided by our clients, prospective clients and visitors to our site is as important as the quality of the homes we build in order to protect that reputation. Providing clear information as to how information is handled and used is important to us not only for the sake of our reputation, but also because it’s simply the right thing to do.

Any personal information provided or submitted to us is never provided to any third-party aside from those having a business-related “need to know”, having a role in completion of a client’s project.

Any such information is strictly limited to only what is required for any given sub-contractor, vendor, financial or government entity to provide the services, materials and legal authority (permits) necessary in order for Braun Construction to fulfill it’s obligations to and agreements with its clients. Our service providers and vendors are under strict obligation to adhere to our privacy standards in the handling and protection of our client’s data. Financial and government entities are, of course, subject to privacy laws and regulations whose standards meet and, in most if not all cases, exceed privacy standards set forth by the companies they service.

Braun Construction shall comply with any valid warrant, subpoena or other court order, providing information only within the scope of that order, and only to the entities specified within the same.

Any communications originating from Braun Construction whose purpose is not deemed critical to the client-contractor relationship, either for the purposes of fulfilling a standing agreement between the parties or for the provision or exchange of information between the same shall provide therein a means by which the recipient may opt-out of any future communications a like nature.

(Policy updated 08/16/2019)