The Phoenix

2017 Fesitival of Homes Best Landscaping

Our entry in the 2017 Festival of Homes, The Phoenix, was the recipient of the People’s Choice Best Landscaping award. While preparing any new home as an entrant into the Festival is an adventure, to say the least, building The Phoenix was an adventure in the making even before the home’s design was put to paper.

On the afternoon of October 28, 2016, the Cedar City Fire Department responded to a report of a structure fire. Upon their arrival on the scene, they discovered a home fully engulfed in flames. They immediately engaged the fire but, despite their best efforts, the home and most of its contents were lost.

The family was safe but, with their home destroyed by the fire, needed to decide what to do next. After the remains of what was once their home was removed, the foundation was inspected and it was determined that it remained viable. It was decided that a new home would be built upon the foundation of the original. The Phoenix is that home.

Just less than one year after the original home was destroyed, The Phoenix had been designed, built and was featured in the 2017 Festival during the first weekend in September. Best of all, it’s family once again had a permanent place to call home.

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