Old Sorrel Series

Beauty, Simplified

We are pleased to present four new floor plans, the Old Sorrel Home Series, initially developed as the exclusive Braun homes in the new Old Sorrel Ranch community development.  We are also making these models available to any client interested in building one of these fine homes elsewhere.

Meet The FallabelaThe Estonian, The Caspian and The Shire.  These beautiful homes offer the style of custom homes, but with our catalog of selection items, they offer the look and function of custom while reducing the time spent choosing from scores of possible options faced by homeowners when they undertake a complete custom-built home.

In addition to their standard sizes, The Falabella and The Estonian are also available in compact floor space models.  Both offer the same layout and features as their standard counterparts, but with scaled-down spaces, they provide flexibility of choice.  We hope to offer a similar option for the other two homes sometime in the future.

These homes are not only available built-to-spec. As with most of the home designs in our catalog, their floor plans may also be used as a starting point for a beautiful custom home design.