Quality Standards

The quality of the homes we produce is vitally important and is a core value of Braun Construction. However, the quality of the process involved in getting to that final product is important as well. It provides our clients with a sense of confidence in the quality of the home we are building for them.

These principles guide our daily work, enabling us to deliver the quality that our homeowners expect and deserve.  This commitment enables our clients to adopt consistent expectations of their own and replaces unnecessary anxiety with information and reduces the level of uncertainty common to anyone making the decision to build a new home.

As an owner of a Built by Braun home, this is our commitment to you:

At Braun Construction, details matter.

From the earliest planning and design stages, our attention to the finest of details is important.

We listen to you, put our extensive experience to work and we will help you develop a sensible and functional design that not only meets your needs today, but will continue to do so for many years to come.

Our primary goal at Braun Construction is to deliver a home that fits your unique needs and style. It is the fine details, both aesthetic and functional, that sets each home apart from any other.  Your new home will be uniquely yours by introducing your individual preferences and personality into the finer details.  It is for this reason that our attention to these fine details is as important to us as our focus on roofs and foundations.

Plumbing, electrical and ventilation systems are not left to chance when they are engineered, which is recommended. Each is carefully planned and are installed accordingly to maximize function and convenience and ensure optimal quality.  It also allows us to build in small functional details into the design such as accommodations for exterior holiday lighting, heat tape, whole-home satellite TV systems, home LAN connectivity, smart home and security system and exterior BBQ hookups.  Plumbing is installed strategically to avoid freezing in cold weather and includes accommodation for an water-softener, gas connectors to range and laundry locations. Exterior hose bib locations are owner-designated if desired.

You can be confident that the focus on the details that you can see are a direct reflection of the intentional care and quality that went into the structural components of the home that are not visible, but are the most vital aspects of a quality-built home.  Precise workmanship and a critical eye are always in play.  No part of a Braun home is declared ‘done’ unless it is done right!

The endeavor to build a new home is one filled with excitement and anticipation as well as challenges and stress.  Our goal is to alleviate the adversity of the experience so that you can enjoy the journey of creating your new home.  Our quarter-century of experience in the home building field directly translates to the experience you can expect throughout the construction of your new home.

To face the sheer number of details and decisions that go in to building a new home would be overwhelming to any prospective homeowner.  Fortunately, that’s where we come in.  For us, it’s all in a day’s work.  We bring our experience to bear and manage the process from start to finish.  However, you are never left out of the loop and will always remain involved and informed. You, as the homeowner, are the driving force and ultimate decision-maker throughout the process. 

The process of permitting and approvals is a great example to illustrate our role. As one of the most detail-intensive phases of a project, getting it right is crucial as it sets the stage for the entire build by avoiding costly and frustrating delays down the road.  Our rapport with local building authorities, municipal entities and utility service providers enables us to communicate with them effectively and efficiently.  Our knowledge of building standards and requirements enables us to foresee potential issues and address them before they become obstacles.

This is just one example of the many ways our extensive experience becomes your vital tool as you embark upon the adventure that awaits every new homeowner as we work with you, and for you, to make it all happen.

At Braun Construction, the term good enough has no place.  We inspect our work throughout the process.  We either pass or we fail.  If we fail, we go back and correct whatever is amiss.  We don’t do gray areas and, ultimately, failure is not an option.

We are mindful in our approach to home building, always taking into account the climate to which each home will be exposed.  We identify and eliminate any potential problem areas.  We also try to anticipate your future needs by installing conduit beneath driveways and sidewalks to eliminate unnecessary digging under or around those surfaces or prevent the need for their removal.

While we take pride in the unique aesthetic features found many of our designs, they are secondary to quality, which is our first priority.  Beauty is no substitute for quality and the two are not mutually exclusive.  We insist on both in every inch of home we build from the bones to the skin and from the foundation to the roof.  We won’t settle for less. Reference the National Association of Homebuilders for the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines, Consumer Reference to which we adhere.

Quality workmanship is meaningless if the quality of the materials used is sub-standard.  All of the building materials used in building any new Braun home meet and often exceed industry quality standards.

We combine our own experience with industry-established best practices when handling and using the materials to ensure they retain their quality.  A good example is our exacting requirements when pouring concrete.  We will not pour concrete if weather conditions exist that may adversely affect the material during pouring or during the curing process. We also offer the option of concrete sealing for all exterior flatwork, which we strongly recommend to help maximize durability against the extreme conditions that exist in our area.

Quality electrical, plumbing and ventilation systems are crucial to ensure both the safety and the overall quality of any home.  You can rest assured that  you will not have to pay for top-of-the-line fixtures to achieve quality and beauty.  The fixtures installed in our base models, without upgrades, all meet our demanding standard of quality.

All Braun homes also feature an HVAC system with a 92% efficiency rating.  With many home builders, this would represent an upgrade.  In a Braun home, it is standard equipment. Its installation is carefully planned to take full advantage of the system’s capabilities to ensure comfort throughout every living space in the home.

From a builder’s perspective, quality materials and fixtures are much easier to build with, allowing our workmanship to reach its full potential. 

For you, the homeowner, it simply means your home will be durable, functional and beautiful, providing worry-free enjoyment of your investment for many, many years to come.

The process of building a new home is complex and challenging.  It would be dishonest for us to claim otherwise.  This is true whether it’s your first time or your fifth.  No two experiences will be alike and each will come with its own set of challenges and obstacles to work through.  They are inevitable.

The good news is that Twenty-eight years of experience and a good dose of common sense equip us to worry about those challenges so you don’t have to.  We are always mindful of lessons learned from our past projects and the broader construction industry in general, adopting and implementing best practices, then going a step further, to ensure the quality of each home we complete meets or exceeds the same unyielding Braun standard as the one that came before it.

We anticipate bumps in the road with every build.  When they occur, we take them in stride, competently address the issues and move forward quickly, the issues fully resolved.  When challenges do arise, you don’t need to worry, because we don’t, instead, we act.

Our homeowner’s peace of mind is not something limited to the building of the home itself.  You will be able to enjoy your new home to its fullest knowing that each new home is covered for 12 months against any worksmanship defects and hardware and fixtures are covered under their respective manufacturer’s warranties beyond that.